Last week the Central Europe YAGM group got together in the High Tatras in Slovakia for a Lenten retreat.  It was nice to be with everyone again and check-in to see how we have all been doing and what we have all been up to.  As a group we had worship and Bible study to reflect forgiveness, healing, and our baptisms and what those gifts mean in this season of Lent.

During our free time in the afternoons we had the opportunity to go cross-country and downhill skiing in the Slovak mountains!  One word: awesome.  Now, I have never really skied before and I don’t claim to be the most coordinated individual on the planet, so let me just say that, during my cross-country outings, I spent more time on my backside than I did upright on my skis.  Even though I got an impressive bruise on my knee from the very first spill I took, the experience was absolutely worth it.  The scenery was breathtaking and, everywhere I turned, I was swept away by the immense beauty of creation.

Though what I did during my cross-country outings cannot really be counted as actual skiing, I can still say I went ‘skiing’ in the High Tatras, and that is pretty spectacular.

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