The Norwegians

This past weekend a group from our sister congregation in Norway came to Nyirtelek to see all the things the Filadefia Evangélikus Egyházközség and Pastor Misi are involved in.  The group arrived last Friday and started their visit by going to Kisvarda to see the church and visit the lovely people who make it run every week.  We have a sister congregation in Kisvarda that Misi goes to every second Sunday of the month to conduct a worship service.  When Misi is not there, however, there are two lay leaders who alternate running Sunday services.  The congregation in Kisvarda is very small, only about fifteen members, but the people who make it up really have a passion for the Lord and work to gain more members by sharing the Word.

On Saturday Misi kept our guests plenty busy by taking them to all the events the church was involved in that day.  The Norwegians came to visit the youth group at Tutajos Beach, a park and camping area about fifteen minutes away from Nyirtelek, where we took part in the gulyas leves [goulash soup] cooking competition (we got fourth place out of ten teams—not too shabby) and made palacsintas [Hungarian crepes] for the youth who would stop by our tent.  We offered our Norwegian visitors traditional Hungarian palacsintas and, after saying a table prayer in Hungarian and the group singing a table blessing in Norwegian, we all ate traditional Hungarian guylas leves together.  During lunch one lady struck up a conversation with me and commented that I spoke English well, to which I replied, “I sure hope so, I am from the US.”  We shared a good laugh and then went on to talk the mission work both she and I are a part of, and how it has changed our lives; it was a nice conversation.  All the food we had was delicious and even though it was quite cold in the morning, the sun broke through the clouds later in the day and it turned out to be a nice weather day.  After lunch with us, our friends went to Görögszállás to take part in the Children’s Day the women’s group from church was putting on for the kids and families in the village.

On Sunday morning the group joined us for church in Nyirtelek during which the pastor talked about Norway and the relationship his church has with us here in Hungary, and the group sang us a Norwegian song.  After the service we ate more gulyas leves and then went to the service in Görögszállás.  The Norwegian group sang another song, and the pastor helped Misi administer Holy Communion.  Receiving the Blood and Body in two different languages made me realize just how connected we all are in Christ.  No matter where we live or what language we speak, we are all a part of the same Body and Blood.  Above it all, God’s undying love binds us together and with that I say to you, my dear sisters and brothers: God bless you.

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