Every evening this week, the congregation in Görögszállás is satellite streaming the ProChrist meetings from Stuttgart, Germany.  The theme of this year’s event is ‘Have doubts…Be amazed!’ wherein the services examine God’s undying love and desire to have a personal relationship with us.  The meetings call on everyone—those who are amazed by God’s love and those who have doubts or no faith at all—to come together to learn about God’s love and engage in fellowship and conversation about believing in and living for Christ.  Since there is more of an evangelizing focus to the programs, there is a lot of talk about how God’s work effects people’s lives and remains constant even through the ups and downs we experience day in and day out.

The sermon themes for the week examine how God views life and how faith plays an essential part in helping us get through life’s challenges.  Sunday’s theme was ‘Where do we find happiness?’ wherein we studied what Jesus says about happiness and how to find real happiness in life.  On Monday evening the topic was ‘How much power do we need?’ and we looked at the power of networks within one’s life and how God is to be a part of the relationships we have with other people.  We looked at the power of money in our lives and Jesus’ teaching that people cannot serve God and money at the same time on Tuesday night when the focus was ‘What money has to do with faith?’  Wednesday night asked ‘What helps if suffering makes us bitter?’ and talked about why there is sorrow and suffering the world and what we can rely on to bring us comfort.  Tonight, Thursday night, the theme is ‘My God, your God, no God?’ and examines different views of religion, claims to know the absolute truth, and ways to bring about peace.  The service will look at the question: “Is the effort to bring peace more important than answering the question ‘What is truth?’”  Tomorrow night asks ‘What our values are worth?’ and looks at what we hold to be valuable in life and from where we get the strength to act in accordance with those values.  Saturday night’s focus is ‘What happens when love dies?’ and talks about God’s promise of eternal love and how that promise was shown to us through Jesus’ death on the cross.  The final night, Sunday night, focuses on the future wherein we will ask what the future has in store for us and if we are able to know what comes after death.  Sunday night’s theme is ‘We lose the future?’

There are some really heavy topics covered this week, but overall, these meetings are great times of fellowship and praise that find us sharing and learning about what God has done in our lives.   God’s work is truly amazing.

One thought on “ProChrist

  1. Ashley…these topics seem to be speaking to me at this time of my life. I would really like to see some material or notes on what your discussions involved. These are some very deep topics and can apply to anyone at any stage in life. What are your thoughts?

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