Solid Effort

This past weekend I was in Tivadar with a family camp from church.  The majority of the people I spent the weekend with spoke exclusively Hungarian (so I could not even get an English break), but it was great talking with them because we all put such an effort into making sure we understood each […]


When I talk about what’s going on in Nyirtelek and Görögszállás I get so excited and my heart fills with joy—I imagine this is what a proud parent feels like when he or she talks about his or her child.  More than just being excited about what is going on here, these people have become a […]

IYN Conference

I recently attended an International Youth Network conference in Káposztás Megyer (in northern Budapest) to learn about and prepare for the camps they will conduct the beginning of August.  The main goal of the IYN and these camps is to take part in mission work that serves the Roma in Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia.  […]