Transylvania Trip

Last weekend I was in Romania with Kristen and the people she works with from the Roma College.  We went on a 4 day bus tour of Transylvania to learn about Hungary’s history and experience the beauty that everyone raves about when they talk about Transylvania.  Since I slept most of our time on the bus, and didn’t really understand what the tour guide was saying when I was awake, I am not too helpful in the history department, but I can offer a little background as to why we went to Romania, specifically Transylvania, to learn about Hungarian history: About 100 or so years ago, Hungary, which is about the size of Indiana, used to be quite large.  As a result of the Treaty of Trianon at the end of World War II Hungary lost approximately 2/3 of its land, so Transylvania is no longer in Hungary’s borders and is now a part of Romania.  There are still Hungarians living in the area however, and we visited various Hungarian towns and memorial sites during our trip.

Now that I shared a little of the history, I am going to rave about the absolute beauty that is Transylvania.  There are old castle ruins on mountaintops, there are fortified castles still intact, there are deep-green rolling hills everywhere, and the Carpathian Mountains are breathtaking.  Pictures don’t do it justice, but that is all have to offer, so here are some pictures from Transylvania:


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