Sometimes I Think Life Would Be Cool If It Were More Like An…

Every night before you went to sleep you could erase the day and start with a    clean slate in the morning The flower, dog, and star stamps would always be with you to brighten your day wherever you happened to be Changing your outlook would require a simple slide of the eraser—then you can think […]

Well Rested

After the craziness of the holidays, things have slowed down considerably for me here in Hungary.  There are no more graduate school application deadlines to worry about (the subject of my last blog), there are no more holiday events to attend to, and there are hardly any more COMPLETE surprises in my day (which, let […]

Worry Wart

Over the past couple days I have amazed myself with my ability to worry about things that are 8 time zones and a 10 hour flight—over Western Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Eastern United States—away.  Yep, I find my ability to worry about things that I have absolutely no control over quiet impressive.  To […]

Sikerül? [Have you succeeded?]

I spent yesterday evening baking a bright pink dessert at Betti’s house and exercising my abilities to laugh, love, and roll with the punches.  It all started with Betti telling me she got a new recipe over Christmas and that that dessert was to be the next one we tackle when I go to her […]

Normalcy…or lack there of…

I chatted with my best friend’s mom for a little bit yesterday (so, by extension, she’s my mom, too) and she said that the holidays were great, but she is ready to get back to normal.  I completely agreed with her—back to normal would be nice—but then I began thinking about what ‘normal’ is for […]