I often find myself amazed at the outpouring of love from the people in my community of Nyirtelek.  They have all been very sweet to me and though I have only just now started to understand what they are saying, the people I spend my time with have been immensely kind and patient as I […]

Phiren Amenca Conference

I spent this past week in Budapest with a group of 40 incredible volunteers from around the world who care deeply about the unjust treatment the Romani [Roma] people experience.  Kristen, Matt, Dave, Miriam, and I attended the conference together and we learned a great deal about the issues surrounding the Roma in Europe.  The […]

Young at Heart

This morning at the Children’s House in Gorogszallas I was reminded of the good-natured simplicity of being a child.  The children don’t care that I don’t know what they are saying; they love me just because I play with them.  There are even a couple children who follow me around and have to sit by […]

Amerikai Este

On Thursday night Kirsten, the YAGM in neighboring Nyiregyhaza, and I hosted Amerikai Este (American Night) for people in our congregations who wanted to learn more about America.  It essentially ended up being Minnesota night because Kristen is from Rochester, so we shared pictures of our lovely state, families, friends, and homes.  We also served […]