Name Day

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my first Hungarian name day.  The sweet little girl’s name was Dora and from the moment she walked into the Children’s House she made sure we all knew it was her name day.  We of course had to celebrate this wonderful occasion with singing a special name day song […]


For the past couple days the weather has been really nice, which has given me a false hope that spring is here but I have decided to just go with it and be excited about spring anyway.  There is bound to be some more snow storms and cold weather but for now it’s warm, the […]

English Class

Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday night I teach English classes to the people in the congregation and the community.  This has quickly become one of my favorite activities here because the classes are so diverse and the kids are absolutely delightful—I now have a new appreciation for teachers’ LOVE of teaching.  One very bright and […]