Boldog Karácsonyt

Merry Christmas!!  I hope and your loved ones are doing well this day and have been enjoying your holiday celebrations.  My Christmas, though unconventional, has been very nice and I have had a lot of fun taking part in Hungarian Christmas traditions.  There are two days of Christmas in Hungary: the 25th and the 26th.  […]


Yesterday my fellow YAGMs and I were invited, along with our supervisors, to a Christmas party with the diaconal team and the Bishop at the Lutheran Church Office in Budapest.  While there we heard a presentation about the amazing life of Lutheran Pastor Sztehlo Gábor, checked-in with each other to see how everyone was doing, […]

Baby Steps

This morning at the Children’s House there was a cute little guy who was learning to walk.  His wobbly little steps couldn’t get him too far before his dad had to catch him from falling, but he was determined to walk everywhere.  There were times when he walked short distances on his own; his dad […]


A couple days ago we received our first snowfall here in northeastern Hungary.   There is always something so exciting about the first snow—the air is a little crisper and everything is covered in white.  It’s beautiful.  I have never been a big fan of winter because I don’t like the cold, but, for some reason, […]