Thankful for Laughter

I celebrated Thanksgiving with the other Central Europe YAGMs, our country coordinator Miriam, and her family in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Though the celebration was very different from past Thanksgiving dinners I have shared with family, I was very thankful to be with the family I have here in Central Europe.  Kristen, Matt, Dave, and I have […]

Universal Language

This morning’s devotion at the Children’s House made me realize the power of music.  In my life, music is a universal language because, regardless of whether or not I understand the lyrics, the flow of the melody and emotion through which the melody is brought to life speaks to everyone.  The music may say different […]

Amazing Grace

When Stephanie, one of my lovely supervisors from Chicago, came to visit me in Nyirtelek I was like a proud parent showing her my family. Not only was it great to talk with her about my experiences so far, but I had the honor of actually showing her the places and introducing her to the […]

Oofda Magyarul

I would like to share some of my hits and misses when it comes to speaking the fabulous language that is Hungarian.  During my relatively short time here, I have experienced many moments where I think to myself, ‘This language is impossible.  I am never going to learn it.  I bet Hungarians don’t even know […]