Sometimes I Think Life Would Be Cool If It Were More Like An…

Every night before you went to sleep you could erase the day and start with a    clean slate in the morning

The flower, dog, and star stamps would always be with you to brighten your day wherever you happened to be

Changing your outlook would require a simple slide of the eraser—then you can think something new

Hours upon hours of entertainment would always be at your fingertips.  Really, Etch A Sketches are pretty awesome

Absolutely nothing (other than a really powerful magnet) could put a blemish on your day

Stuck in a boring meeting?  Just doodle!

Keeping your affairs in order would never be a problem because once you write them down, they are not going anywhere until you erase them

Everything would be in black and white which gives you the freedom to color your own world

The weather would always be nice because there would be a perpetual sun shining away in the upper-right-hand corner

Creating a new adventure would be as easy as picking up your pen (which you would never lose because it’s attached) and drawing something wild and crazy

Happiness would literally be your own design—how fun!

etch a sketch


Disclaimer:  We got a new Etch A Sketch at the Children’s House…you can guess what I have been playing with lately…

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