Well Rested

After the craziness of the holidays, things have slowed down considerably for me here in Hungary.  There are no more graduate school application deadlines to worry about (the subject of my last blog), there are no more holiday events to attend to, and there are hardly any more COMPLETE surprises in my day (which, let me tell you, is a very good thing).  The weather has been less than desirable these past few weeks with rain, snow, and a lot of fog, so the Children’s House has been pretty quiet because the kids are either out sledding or they stay at home where it is warm because they do not have winter clothes to protect them from the elements on the way to the House.  Since there are no kids at the House, Betti and I have a lot of time to clean, organize, and reorganize the incredible amount of stuff in the House, but this morning, there was no more cleaning or organizing to do…  As we sat there resting I began thinking about what it means to rest.  Is rest the simple absence of something to do?  Is it a physical state?  Or is it a state of mind, perhaps?

I’m not sure what rest really is, but with my days so open, I have been able to rest a lot lately.  As opposed to slamming down a cup of coffee and pushing onward, I have taken naps to recharge my batteries, I have read for fun, and I have caught up on all the emails I fell behind on during the busy holiday season.  I often find myself racking my brain to find things to do when I should just be enjoying this time of respite (which has really only spanned 3 days) because I know things will pick up again soon.  I am not the only one who has been resting as of late: looking through the fog, I see fields resting under blankets of snow, I see trees resting after carrying their leaves all summer, and I see people going about their lives at a slower pace. 

Granted the weather in January normally forces us to slow down a bit, but for as long as I can remember, January has always gone by at a more relaxed pace than the rest of the year; maybe it’s the weather, or maybe just seems slower after the holiday madness, or maybe life just takes a break for a bit in the beginning of a new year as a way to prepare us for the months to come.  I don’t know what it is, but the rest I have experienced has helped to clear my head, recharge my batteries, and keep me looking forward to the new and exciting things to come. 

There is no doubt that life will once again get busy, but rest is an essential part of life that should be savored, and I plan to do just that.  

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