When I talk about what’s going on in Nyirtelek and Görögszállás I get so excited and my heart fills with joy—I imagine this is what a proud parent feels like when he or she talks about his or her child.  More than just being excited about what is going on here, these people have become a major part of my family and I was thrilled when my parents visited because I not only got to spend time with them, but I got the opportunity to introduce them to my extended Hungarian family.

Family has always been very important to me and I have been blessed with a great one.  Mom and Dad came to visit over Easter wherein we traveled a bit in Budapest and Kosice, Slovakia before coming back to spend the holiday in Nyirtelek.  While in Budapest we visited many of the beautiful buildings and even went to the Széchenyi Bath to relax in the thermal water for a night.  It was really nice.

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During the couple days we spent in Kosice we walked around to see all the amazing churches and buildings in town.  We also went to the wax museum by St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral wherein we learned about the history of Slovakia and Greater Hungary and ate halušky, Slovakia’s national dish.  Halušky is homemade noodles smothered in Bryndza cheese and topped with little pieces of fried bacon—it is delicious!

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We celebrated Easter back in Nyirtelek by going to church in Nyirtelek and in Görögszállás on Sunday and in Kisvarda on Easter Monday.  When I introduced my parents to people at church they would always say they were happy to meet my parents and then comment about how young they are!  It was really cute.  On Easter Monday we went to our sister congregation in Kisvarda and after the service people in the congregation formed a group and asked us questions about our church at home.  They asked some really great questions and it was fun to talk about the differences and similarities in the church here and at home.

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On Tuesday we went to the Children’s House where we tried to make caramels as a snack for the kids.  Hungary does not have corn syrup or sweetened condensed milk, so my Mom sent some corn syrup and then we made our own sweetened condensed milk to use for the caramels.  Though they tasted good, the caramels were a flop; they were really hard so we just cut them up and said they were hard candy.  Everyone still liked them, so that’s good.  Later in the afternoon we went to Nyiregyhaza to walk around and look at the buildings, churches, and statues around the city center.  It was a nice afternoon for a walk and we had a good time looking around.

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I liked showing my parents around the beautiful cities I get to see on a regular basis, but the most rewarding part of their visit was introducing them to the people here who have been such a big part of my life throughout these past months.  Now my families know each other!

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