Earlier this week, Betti and I visited some families in Görögszállás to deliver care packages of baby clothes to new and expecting mothers.  Once again I was swept away by the welcome and hospitality we were greeted with at every house—the friendly reception by all the people warmed my heart and reminded me of the importance of fellowship.  I have been a part of the Görögszállás community for seven-and-a-half months now and have felt like a part of the community from day one by the way everyone has welcomed me into their homes, lives, and hearts.

The short visits we conducted were elongated by invitations to drink coffee and chat about the weather, events at the Children’s House, family, and relationships.  Along with that though, we were obligated to see everyone’s gardens and hear about all the different plants they were growing this year—we even made a special stop at a grandma’s house to see all the beautiful melon plants that filled the small greenhouse in her backyard.  One of the families we visited took us to their big garden across the road from their house and sent us home with handfuls of lilac branches because Betti and I commented on how lovely the blooming trees were.  We also got a free snack of delicious white radishes from the agriculture program when we stopped in to buy some vegetables and chat.

I went to the houses bearing gifts for the newest members of the community, and I left with gifts that will stay with me forever.  Yes, I received material presents while visiting the families, but the most precious gifts that I will carry with me are the memories of kindness, love, and inclusion that the people of Görögszállás have graced me with since the first time of meeting them.  I have been made a member of the community through the love, warmth, and unhindered inclusion everyone has extended to me from the time I came into their lives.  I am so happy to be with the incredible people in Görögszállás and have been immensely blessed by the fellowship they have invited me into.

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