‘A friend is someone who colors your world’

This is a shout-out to all my amazing friends both here and at home: You are all incredible people and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been amazed by all the incredible people who have touched my life, but I am always blown away by how my friends and I can go for weeks without Skyping one another and then pick up right where we left off like no time has passed at all.  Friends are good for the soul and I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has kept my soul happy and healthy over the years.  Without your love and support I would not be where I am today; though there is immense distance between us, know that you are held dearly in my heart.

The friends I have made here in Hungary have shaped this experience through their immense kindness and welcoming hearts—I am convinced that some of the nicest and most caring people in Hungary live in the Northeast.  This is a great place to call home because all the friends who have invited me into their workplaces, homes, and lives.  Living here is not the easiest thing I have ever done, and though I have adjusted nicely to life in this great country there are still things that completely throw me off.  I know I can count on my friends to help me navigate the things that throw a wrench into my life, and for that I am immensely grateful.

To all my friends: Thank you for being you.  I love you!

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