Universal Language

This morning’s devotion at the Children’s House made me realize the power of music.  In my life, music is a universal language because, regardless of whether or not I understand the lyrics, the flow of the melody and emotion through which the melody is brought to life speaks to everyone.  The music may say different things to different people, but everyone feels something and that is pretty amazing.

After singing two songs in Hungarian my friend and I sang a song in English and that is when I realized how much music speaks to everyone.  Even though I was only person in the room who completely understood the words to the song, every person was able to gain some sort of understanding from its melody.  I have no idea what that understanding was for other people, but there was an overwhelming sense of peace in the room as we finished singing.

Music has always been a major part of my life, but it has morphed into something more during my time in Görögszállás.  It seems that wherever there is a group of people from Görögszállás, there is singing; it’s great!  The songs I have sung with the people of Görögszállás have provided a universal language and understanding that has helped me communicate and connect with them.  I have become a part of the community through beautiful melody.

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