Muddy Field Road

Yesterday morning, as I was riding my bike down a muddy field road to get to the Children’s House in Gorogszallas (the Roma village), I thought about how that field road, with its ruts and mud puddles, represents life.  Life is messy.  Some parts, of course, are messier than others and then there are some parts that are absolutely beautiful—it all depends on how you navigate around or through the mess.  While riding along I tried so hard to dodge all the puddles in my path but my bike at times slid into a puddle and at other times there was no way to miss the mess.  I just had to slow down, peddle harder, and go through to the other side.  My tires were muddy after the undertaking, but the mud added character.  There was a story behind the mess; a story that showed what I had to go through to get to where I was going.

Although I was focused on the task of avoiding the muddy spots I was able to take in the beauty around me.  I never imagined I would find a dried up corn field to be beautiful, but there I was yesterday morning reveling at the site.  The sun was hitting the stalks just right so they had a rich golden glow and, though the trees in the background cast their shadow on the stalks, the whole field was shining brightly.  It was a lovely trip through the countryside—countryside that reminded me a lot of home.  I could find peace in the beauty of the land around me, but I could not let up one bit from thinking about the mud puddles around which I had to navigate.

As I emerged on the other side of the muddy road my legs burned a little, but it was a good burn.  It was a burn that reminded me that I had accomplished something.  I successfully made it through the mess.  I did not come out unscathed, however, but that is life.  One is able to make it through the mess, but pieces of it remain as if to say ‘Look what you have gone through.  Good for you.’  Balancing the mud puddles while taking time to see—really see—the beauty around you can leave you with a dull burn in your body.  Keep in mind that it’s a good burn; a burn that adds to who you are.

That said, here is what I have realized from my journey through the muddy field road:

Watch out for the mess but don’t let it consume you to the point where you miss the beauty around you.  Even if you’re standing in a mud puddle, take time to look around.  Beauty is everywhere.    

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