Plum Jam

Last week Pastor Zolt invited us to one of the Szarvas church’s outreach programs in order to make plum jam with the elderly.  Under the tent in front of the program center, we got to see the jam-making set-up and the brick oven where they make cookies, bread, and other sweets for the people in the program.  Earlier in the day one of the women made delicious kolacs (sweet bread) in the brick oven and she offered some to us.  NAGYON FINOM! (very delicious!)  After we ate our kolacs we helped stir the jam and tried to talk to the people.  We had no idea what they were saying but Kristen was able to figure out how long it takes to make the jam (she studied some Hungarian before we got here).  All in all, the whole jam-making process takes two days; one day to dry the plums and one day to cook them.  Even though I was completely lost by what they were saying, it was so fun watching the bacsi (old men) and neni (old women) sit around cracking jokes and laughing with one another.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

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